Serendipity Academy is a state approved private school that provides a low student to teacher ratio and the flexibility for students to excel.  The school prides itself on giving children well rounded instruction throughout the year in all major academic areas including science and cultural studies, and often learning through hands on experiences during field trips to local farms, watersheds, museums or other excursions.  Students work both inside and outside their classroom to build self-confidence interacting with their peers on a daily basis both academically and socially and are also given the opportunity to interact with students of different ages on a regular basis through programs such as Student Council or Club programs.  Children learn at their pace as our teachers continually collaborate to place students in the appropriate reading and math curriculum based on their ability to continually challenge them throughout theyear.  Our classes also experience physical education, art, and music on a regular basis which is showcased throughout the year during participation in assemblies, musicals, art contests and community fun runs.  

After School Enrichment Opportunities

Serendipity works closely with The Valley Athletic Club and Foreign Language For Youth (FLY) to coordinate enrichment opportunities for your child. Activities include swim lessons, soccer, basketball, tennis, ballet, Spanish and more.